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At CareerSage we provide resume and cover letter services for Software Engineers and give you useful advice in short 1-to-1 sessions or via email, getting you ahead of the competition to nail these job applications and interviews.

What We Do

I offer a range of services below aimed at getting you that job.

Resume Critique - (£40)

You get an email with a list of suggested improvements you should make to your resume.

Resume Redrafting - (£60)

I'll redo and reformat your resume into a professional Engineering resume. Resumes will be supplied in a LaTeX & PDF format.

Cover Letter Redrafting - (£40)

I'll create from scratch, or recreate your cover letter. Cover Letters will be supplied in a Google Docs & PDF format.

1-to-1 Career Mentoring or Interview Prep (50 mins - £45/$55)

I'll give you guidance on how to prepare for that interview, how to level up as an Engineer, or anything else career related. Calls are usually done on Google Hangouts.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any of the services above, I'd be happy to offer a full refund.

About Me

I'm Scott. I'm an experienced Engineer (Software, previously Mechanical) from the UK, who has managed to crack the job application process and perfect my resumes over the last 8 years of my professional career. After helping friends and family with their job applications and with interview advice, I noticed the difference in their success rate so decided to offer the advice to others.


    As an example of what the application of my advice and tips can do, here is my own personal job history:-

  • ○ Landed a Mechanical Engineering role that was 50% above average graduate salary, after University.
  • ○ Landed a 100% remote Software Engineering position, again above average salary, after completing a bootcamp.
  • ○ Landed another 100% remote Software Engineering position after a year in my previous role, giving me a 20% salary increase.

  • ┗━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┛

I'm nothing special. I didn't have extraordinary college grades or a line of great internships. If you're struggling with landing a job, then you can change that.

In short - I landed these positions because I had numerous attempts at other positions and learned from my failures.

If you'd like to learn more about how I landed my remote jobs, I've written about it on my developer blog - How I landed my first job as a remote Developer.

Contact Us

Get in touch by dropping us an email below, whether it's a general query or a question about our services.

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